Voyage Ravage

During his world travels, Le Capitaine met many people and experienced pretty much everything: usually as a result of things getting out of hand. He turned these amazing experiences into a very aptly named concept: Voyage Ravage.

It all started with a captain’s hat. A very special captain’s hat that found its way onto Le Capitaine’s head during a mini festival. The hat is worn by loads of people, yet it always finds it’s way back to Le Capitaine. Inspired by that fateful hat, nicknames are thrown around like crazy. Some of which stuck: El Capitano, Rave captain, Co-pilot, you name it. Out of all of these, ‘Le Capitaine’ was the best match. The ‘sails’ of Le Capitaine’s ship are filled by a multitude of different styles in music. The most prominent amongst them however, are Disco, House, and Tech House. These styles and vibes act as the wind; always pushing the ship forward and bringing party people together in style.

Due to his many voyages, Le Capitaine was able to meet loads of extravagant people. Those people are of that kind who usually ravage the parties. This led to the concept’s name: Voyage Savage. The concept tells a simple story of a party captain. Every party needs one: someone who joins in with the crowd and submerges him-or herself in the music, people, and atmosphere.

He’s a world traveler who switches to indoor parties during the winter and festivals during the summer. In other words are you looking for the captain? Follow the hat: it brings people together.