SMTHN (Konrad Kujawa)  is a producer and DJ based in Cracow, Poland, inspired by the cold, underground Berlin sounds. When he went out to parties in the club scene of Cracow, he got to know the sound of techno. He liked the atmosphere around the scene. Being yourself in total anonymity was the thing what attracted him.

When he was younger he started to play in a band where he got held down by having a different view on music. He likes to experiment and try new things. A thing what the other members of the band couldn’t relate to. He discovered Ableton and other digital audio workstations, where he found out all the possibilities and his creative mind started producing.  
SMTHN is relatively young in the scene and produces dark and atmospheric techno tracks. His tracks are best described as a mixture of cloudy, ambient atmospheres with a twist of melodic additions.