Liselot Bosch a.k.a. LOT started her musical career playing the piano. She wanted to know what the theory behind all this was and how it was possible to vary within it. Around the same time her passion for playing drums started to grow. The endless rhythmic possibilities drew her in. These developments resulted in changing the way she listened to music; she started to listen in a far more technical way which increased her knowledge of music greatly.

At 18, she came in contact with an event organization. During this period she also came in contact with various DJ’s. She met a female DJ during one of the events and she was inspired immediately by her doings. One day LOT ended up behind the decks and she found out she had a talent for spinning records as well. The passion started to grow and with the beginning of a DJ course, her career started to take off.

In late 2013 she got her first booking in her hometown. Soon after, she started to get booked in the surrounding cities. During this period Liselot mostly played R&B, Hip-Hop and Eclectic. Those were her favorite genres at the time.

In her twenties, LOT spent four months in Paris where she developed her passion for Tech House. After gaining knowledge of the genre, she fell in love with the basslines and hi-hats. The genre speaks to her in ways R&B just can’t: just like with the drums, there are endless possibilities with which you can vary and go deeper. According to LOT a DJ should be able to create a set in order to take the audience on a musical journey over which you  have complete control.  She creates her sets in a way the audience can enjoy the moment through an uplifting flow with a rough edge.

She helped with developing the first edition of our first Club 1036 concept “Voyage Ravage”. After a summer filled with amazing gigs at great places in Amsterdam like Panama, Chicago Social club and W hotel, she was ready to take her skills to the next level. In september 2016 she started an Ableton course to produce her own tracks. It won’t take long until she’ll have one of her tracks on a major record label.