Our artists create their own sound. At their core, they have a passion for house music which binds them and makes them a true team. Our events are built on a passion for music and the idea of bringing people together. the smile on a visitor’s face is why we do what we do. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a crowd go wild at a venue you’re responsible for. We set up concepts for our artists so they can, not only develop themselves in the way they prefer, but also give them the opportunity to bring the people a multitude of wildly varying party flavors. We believe that this method provides our artists with the opportunity to develop and to ultimately expand our brand Club 1036.


It all started with a great new year’s eve party where our founder put a lot of effort into setting up an amazing party for 50 people. He discovered his passion for bringing people together and for providing everything people need to have a good time. A few years later he decided to just go for it and threw a boat party for 200 people.