The sound of Inphected is known in the underground scene of Amsterdam and surroundings, where he had one of the sickest gigs in a WWII bunker. He likes to put a deep heavy grooving bass in his sets to keep the positive vibes flowing on the dancefloor. During ADE 2016 Inphected was teaching his dj skills at the dj school in Amsterdam. Nowadays he started to produce his own tracks.

Infected with the virus when he was 13, an  intense love for Techno, House, and tech House was born. Inphected stayed over at a friend’s who lived near the edge of a forest. At night, they sneaked out of the house having armed themselves with sticks and toy guns. Somewhere in the distance we could hear a dull, pounding noise: we went to investigate immediately.

When they arrived, there was a sick party going on. Nowadays he would call it a rave, something Inphected had no understanding of at the time. The ecstatic and very friendly crowd instantly made a big impression on him. What had the biggest impact on him was the powerful music, heavy bass, rhythmic percussion, and heavy groove.

Inphected spent the following month looking for the specific music genre. Someone with a gigantic record collection took the time to go through all the genres with me. No Jazz, no Hiphop, no Rock, until he heard that pounding again. Yes! That’s it, What’s that called? Techno?- Inphected was in love.

The only one in the group, a 13 year old kid walking around, headphones and all, wondering what it would be like to play this type of music for a crowd. Inphected started spinning records when he was 15 and started playing for audiences when he was 17.

Inphected got the chance to play in the oldest club in the Netherlands, the Stalker in Haarlem, and became a resident what ended in a monthly gig for a while. Inphected also held his own parties (Schade en schande) with 2 of his friends. Soon, he had been, and had destroyed, every club in Haarlem.

After his most amazing underground gig in a WWII bunker Inphected started to make a name for himself in the underground scene, which enabled him to play at larger gigs: the largest being Click (2000+ people at the Transformatorhuis, Amsterdam). Pacha festival pre-party at the W hotel in Amsterdam. Inphected was one of the first DJ’s who played for Club 1036 on the canals of Amsterdam at our first concept “Voyage Ravage”.